• So Why Do You Work Here?

    why do you work here

    Reflecting on my own personal experience and the thousands of candidates I have interviewed and placed over the years, I have realised there are common themes that come up repeatedly.

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  • I’m Calling Up About the Job I’ve Seen Posted Online


    When you dial that number to speak with the person, this is your first opportunity to make a good, lasting impression – and we all know how vital this can be! As a recruiter, I pick up the phone on a daily basis and speak to candidates who are calling about that job they have seen online. So, here are some tips to help you make the best first impression.

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  • My Week at people2people

    My Week at people2people

    Hi my name is Soifua, and I am year 12 student. After completing my Business Service VET course, I did not know anything about people2people; but I do now!

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  • Working Holiday Visa Eligibility Update

    Working Holiday Visa Eligibility Update

    Despite a flurry of political activity in this area in late 2016, there is nothing substantial to report at the moment in relation to the Working holidaymaker Visa (WHV) program.

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