• Work Experience by Celan

    Work Experience by Celan

    When I first arrived to the agency, I was most overwhelmed at the thought of me working in an office environment, but with the greeting of Janet and a quick tour of the office, I felt more at ease with the idea. Everyone was very welcoming, greeting me with smiles and made me feel more comfortable being in an office.

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  • Phone Tag…You’re it!

    Phone Tag…You’re it!

    There’s nothing worse than playing phone tag while you’re trying to get in contact with someone. It’s frustrating for all involved and it can lead nowhere, as you go around in a constant circle.

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  • It’s Great to Be Keen…But Not Too Keen!


    I had a great candidate being interviewed for a long term contract for a specialised legal secretarial role. As I’m sure you are aware by now, the ‘search’ race is hotly contested to secure highly specialised legal support talent.

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  • Han Ly: My Work Experience at people2people

    han ly people2people

    I was really excited when I knew I was going to people2people for my work experience, as I was very interested to learn how a recruitment agency worked.

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