• The Art of Email

    the art of email

    Email etiquette. Like you, I am immersed in emails, and if you don’t’ mind me saying, it seems that a lot and I mean a lot of people, don’t quite understand it. It’s actually quite frustrating when you receive hundreds of emails during the week and so many of them don’t make much sense at all, does this sound familiar? So to help out, I’ve devised a few handy tips to help master the art of email.

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  • The Most Refreshing Meeting I’ve Had in a Long Time!


    Recently I had one of the most refreshing client meetings I have had in a long time. I was meeting with a Director of a Global Business to discuss the recruitment of a critical leadership role. The role is an important one, with significant responsibility and this Director, quite rightly, had some very clear criteria in terms of the necessary competencies, skills and experience which potential candidates would need to demonstrate, if he was to hire them.

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  • What Makes Your Company a Great Place to Work?

    What makes your company a great place to work

    One thing I love about my job is visiting law firms and finding out what makes them a great place to work. I recruit for a range of firms from boutique practices through to top-tier firms with stunning views across Melbourne. Some firms have impressive corporate reception areas and walls hung with paintings from the partner’s private art collections whilst other firms have a phone with a list of extension numbers to contact the person you are meeting!

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  • Want to increase sales? Here’s why you shouldn’t hire a ‘relationship builder’


    Depending upon the product or service you offer, length of sales cycle, prospect, and other factors the way your sales team build relationships may differ, but without these relationships it would be very difficult to generate sales revenue.

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