Your Social Media Content is Your Brand – it Doesn’t Go Away

As a Mum of 2 sons who have just started to post on social media sites, yesterday evening I reinforced a lesson to them.    Think carefully before you post, even on private settings.   There are no guarantees – your post  will be out there on the web somewhere and if someone is prepared to look hard enough in the future, it will be found.

Even if a post is deleted, someone may have taken a screenshot before you have removed a post.

Check your settings for privacy.   Assume everything is public.   Do you really want to share having a bad day at work or a photo which you might regret in a year or two?

Don’t post embarrassing things that you would not want shared – this is your online reputation.

An example of this type of situation occurred only yesterday, as I write this. We were advised of a situation by a candidate, who was unsuccessful with a particular job opportunity, as they had posted what was considered  inappropriate material over 6 years ago! Many hiring managers are looking at what you post.  Protect your personal brand carefully.

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Nicola Sparkes

Nicola Sparkes

manager, legal at people2people
Nicola has extensive legal recruitment experience gained both in Sydney and London. Establishing her career with a prominent Legal recruiter in London for eight years, Nicola moved to Sydney to open their Sydney office in 2000. In September 2008 Nicola, as a mother of two, moved to people2people to take advantage of the family friendly policies and excellent reputation within the marketplace. Specialising in legal staff, Nicola works with law firms ranging from top tier to boutique and in house.
Nicola Sparkes

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  1. mtregubov says:

    It should go without saying, but you ll create a much stronger brand reputation if you focus on creating useful content that viewers will want to share, rather than cranking out content to meet arbitrary publishing calendars or that covers subjects only you d want to read.

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