Getting Yourself Noticed In A Sea Of Local Talent

So you have just touched down in sunny Australia, with your whole life condensed into a backpack. Maybe this is the first stop on your adventure of a lifetime. Maybe your first time away from home? Or maybe you came via South East Asia, had the time of your life, overspent on bucket cocktails and still have sand between your toes? Maybe you even ‘found yourself on a little island paradise!
Whatever your situation, there comes a point in every backpacker’s journey where it’s time to get serious and recharge the bank account from which you’ve been draining for the last few months. Read More »


Tips for Discussing your Sales’ Targets

By way of introduction, I’m the specialist in sales recruitment here in Sydney – meaning I’m interviewing sales candidates, daily. As part of my standard interview structure, I ask my candidates two questions about all of their sales roles: What were your sales’ targets? And what percentage of those sales’ targets were you meeting? These two questions let me know how experienced/senior a candidate is and they also give me an indication of a candidates’ performance. Read More »


How to Ace a Video Job Interview

We constantly hear about how technology is influencing the way we do things – particularly our connections and interactions both personally and professionally. Businesses are constantly looking to implement new systems and technology to speed up processes and reduce costs. This is now filtering to recruitment, in particular, adding video interviewing to find the right candidate amongst the (potentially) hundreds of people who might apply. At people2people, we recently utilised video interviewing to help place over 60 candidates within a very tight time frame. Read More »


New Country? New Job? Mission Not so Impossible!

So, you have made the life changing decision to move to a different country. You have packed your bags, said your goodbyes, spent hours on the plane, shaken off the jetlag and now you are ready to start your job hunt. Read More »

How to Prepare for a Job Interview

How to Prepare for a Job Interview

Hi, I’m Sally from people2people and I wanted to talk today about some tips on how to prepare for a job interview. The first piece of interview advice consultants at people2people give to candidates is do your research! And being well prepared shows enthusiasm and professionalism. Read More »


I’m Calling Up About the Job I’ve Seen Posted Online

As many job seekers know, when you are searching online for your next position, at the end of the job advertisement you will often see something along the lines of “please call me for a confidential discussion…” When you dial that number to speak with the person, this is your first opportunity to make a good, lasting impression – and we all know how vital this can be! As a recruiter, I pick up the phone on a daily basis and speak to candidates who are calling about that job they have seen online.  So, here are some tips to help you make the best first impression.


  1. Know the name/title of the position: This may sound very obvious but you would be surprised how many times people call to ask about the job they have seen online, but can’t remember the exact job title or anything else that was in the ad! There are many jobs posted online in the same specialisation but all have different titles. Knowing the exact name of the position means you are off to a good start. Try and remember as much information as you can about the role. In some cases people call up days later after seeing it posted and forget the information such as; the salary, working hours or location. Remembering this detail will benefit you when you want to have that discussion.


  1. Be in a quiet place: Whether you are currently employed and need to make that call on your way home from work, or you are in between jobs and are calling from home, please be aware of your surroundings and the background noise. This is your chance, so try not to frustrate people by calling right on the edge of Platform 17, in the height of peak-hour commute time where we are only catching every second word that is said amidst the intercoms and trains hurtling by. If it means that you need to call that little bit later in a quieter environment then do so. If you are worried about it being after office hours, leave a clear, concise voicemail in a calm manner and you can be sure of getting a call back the following morning.


  1. Have a pen and paper ready: You may just be introducing yourself before you send your application through, however, have something to write on, take notes down. You could even get some new information, or an email address, or be told about a new vacancy which has just become available. I have spoken to job seekers who have called up about a role they have seen whilst driving (with Bluetooth headsets of course), and they need to pull over to stop and write something down. Always be prepared!


  1. First impression is key: Whether you connect first time to have the conversation or you are leaving your details to call back, this is your chance to make your name stand out from all the other applicants. Be confident, professional and make that recruiter excited about receiving your application. The first engagement is crucial and if I speak to a person who has impressed me over the phone from the start, I will certainly watch out for that resume to come through!


  1. No time like the present: If you see a particular role that you are interested in as you are scrolling, click on the link and send your resume through. Although you may think it is more of an advantage to wait and introduce yourself first, this is not always true. It is far more useful for you to send your application through and THEN call, as it gives us an opportunity to open your resume when you call and give you valuable feedback right there and then. Don’t delay! The market is far too competitive out there to wait, seize the moment.
Why does a recruitment agency take my photo

Why Does the Recruitment Agency Take my Photo?

Yesterday, I took a call from a disgruntled candidate who had been interviewed by one our experienced consultants in the people2people Sydney office. This is not common and I was surprised to get the call but also very keen to hear the feedback. Read More »