Your Social Media Content is Your Brand – it Doesn’t Go Away

As a Mum of 2 sons who have just started to post on social media sites, yesterday evening I reinforced a lesson to them.    Think carefully before you post, even on private settings.   There are no guarantees – your post  will be out there on the web somewhere and if someone is prepared to look hard enough in the future, it will be found. Read More »


Maifea’s Week of Work Placement with people2people

My name is Maifea (Fea), I am a Year 12 student.  I chose people2people recruitment as my work placement because I am willing to learn more about recruitment. When I first heard the name people2people, I thought everyone must be a people person and I noticed during my week here, how everyone does get along in this workplace. I am thankful for everything that happened during this week, as this was a chance of a life time. Read More »


5 Reactions to a Resignation

What reaction are you likely to get from your Manager after you resign? Read More »

why do you work here

So Why Do You Work Here?

Lately I have been interviewing many potential employees as we continue to grow the p2p team. During almost every interview I am asked “why do you work here?” and “what’s kept you here so long?”, and it got me thinking – what is it really that attracts people to join your organisation, and importantly what makes them stay? Read More »

My Week at people2people

My Week at people2people

Hi my name is Soifua, and I am year 12 student. After completing my Business Service VET course, I did not know anything about people2people; but I do now! Read More »

Just shut up and listen

Just Shut Up and Listen!

The important component of any interview between a recruiter and a job seeker, is when the job seeker is explaining what they want in their next job. What’s negotiable and more importantly what’s not negotiable. Read More »

How to Have a Successful Day

How to Have a Successful Day

We are all susceptible to moments of procrastination and unproductivity. Having said that, it’s likely that it is not something that your boss praises you for and in the end, you’re only slowing down the progress of your day. Towards the 5.00pm mark, you might be hit with a wall of panic and regret that you just didn’t get your task list done. Read More »