Internal Recruitment vs Agency Recruitment

Up until recently, I have I’ve spent my career in top tier law firms, initially as a legal secretary and then in Human Resources (mainly in recruitment roles). I’ve learnt a myriad of skills that are proving to be rather handy in outsourced (Agency) recruitment. Read More »


5 Reasons Why People Resign

Staff turnover. It’s a dreaded word, especially if it seems to be increasing at your company. But your organisation is a good place to work, isn’t it? Or so you might think…

Here are five reasons why people resign. Read More »


Into Debbie’s Eye – How to Survive a Cyclone

It’s 7am in the morning, 28th March 2017.

I sit on my bed, totally in the dark, counting every second as if it’s the last one. The air is humid like I’ve never experienced before, almost unbreatheable. I check my phone, hoping to get any signal.. but nothing.
I sit and wait, trying to think something of positive, but still nothing. All I can hear is a strong wind that won’t stop beating on the windows. I’m silent, my eyes are lost, my mind is steadily racing, my heart pumping faster than ever and thinking about having breakfast would just make me feel even worse. Now, all I can think about is.. what if..? What should I do now? A sequel of life’s frames rolling through my mind. Read More »


Maifea’s Week of Work Placement with people2people

My name is Maifea (Fea), I am a Year 12 student.  I chose people2people recruitment as my work placement because I am willing to learn more about recruitment. When I first heard the name people2people, I thought everyone must be a people person and I noticed during my week here, how everyone does get along in this workplace. I am thankful for everything that happened during this week, as this was a chance of a life time. Read More »


New Country? New Job? Mission Not so Impossible!

So, you have made the life changing decision to move to a different country. You have packed your bags, said your goodbyes, spent hours on the plane, shaken off the jetlag and now you are ready to start your job hunt. Read More »


5 Reactions to a Resignation

What reaction are you likely to get from your Manager after you resign? Read More »


I’m Not Just Your Consultant but Your Business Partner Too!

Having been in the recruitment industry since 2011, I have developed many business relationships that have overtime morphed from recruiter and candidate to recruiter and hiring manager and vice versa. Placing candidates successfully into hiring manager positions, can be the best form of business development, allowing recruiters to secure future business from that placement, or so one would think. Read More »