Traps for New Managers

e the Leader, Don’t Follow Them – Tips for New Managers

You may have been positioning yourself to take a leadership role but often the opportunity will come along sooner than you had planned or expected.  Of course you are going to grab the chance to develop but you wouldn’t be alone if once the first wave of excitement passes you think “Now I actually have to do this!”  Here are 4 tips for new managers. Read More »


Interview Tips: Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?

“Where do you see yourself in five years?” is the interview equivalent of “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and can throw even the most experienced of candidates. But with these four tips you’ll be able to answer like a pro! Read More »


The Truth Hurts or in This Case the Lies Hurt

What to do if you’re in a temp role and you need time off for an unconventional reason?

So you’ve committed to a temporary role through an agency, and something has happened in your personal life that is stopping you from going in to work tomorrow.  Perhaps you had a fight with your partner, your parents or your siblings?

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Should I take the Money or My Dream Job?

I’ve previously been told that workers can fall into two categories. There are those who are hungry for the money; they’ll do whatever it takes to earn those top dollars and they love the thrill of the chase. The second category are those who will more than happily step aside from the high earning role so they can live their true purpose or dream job. Let me be clear though – this blog has not been written to bag out one category, or discriminate in any way. It’s simply a piece to get you thinking. Read More »


Should You Take a Sick Day, or Not?

As the cooler months start to hit us, we’re not only finding it just a little more difficult to get out of bed on these crispier mornings, but we are also surrounded by cold and flu germs! When one of your colleagues catches a virus, then it’s sure to work its way around the office until it finally reaches you. So once it’s eventually caught you in its grasp and you’ve succumbed to the pain of a sore throat and an endlessly running nose, should you take a sick day? Read More »


We Are Not in Kansas Anymore Toto. Discovering and Following your Yellow Brick Road.

Individuality is what makes us great, I know it’s a slight paradox, but please hear me out. Imagine we all had the same aspirations, the same dreams, the same love for a certain genre of music and the same taste in cuisines. Boring right? But what’s even worse and a far scarier thought than a bland world, is a world where a society tells you “this is what you should be doing” and “this is what classifies you as successful and that successful people are happy people”. It then boxes you into categories like some sort of divergent dystopian movie (I would totally be Dauntless BTW). Read More »


Five Reasons Why a High Performer Would Work for You

The competition for talent is now very strong in some markets, so what can you do to make yourself standout as an employer?  What attracts one person to work with one company, can be very different to what attracts another person, however these five things never really change for high performers: Read More »