Project Recruitment

What is it?

Project recruitment programmes are usually bulk hires, excellent solution, but where do you start?

people2people HR Solutions has the expertise to assist Australian businesses, who continue to be faced with the challenge of attracting top quality people in a highly competitive and candidate short market. people2people HR Solutions recognises that the best means of locating and engaging with prospective employees continues to evolve at a rapid pace.

This has created a vast expectation gap between what employers need and what employees want.

people2people HR Solutions is a specialist in the ‘attraction of staff’ business, we are here to advise you and assist you to implement and manage your staff attraction solutions.

Do you need an assessment centre?

An assessment centre is an alternative and specifically designed recruitment process, usually for multiple hires, utilising a variety of selection techniques.  With each technique being only one piece of the puzzle building up to the overall picture of the candidate.

The Assessment centre is made up of a number of observers in a closed setting with a group of candidates who initially appear to fit against the criteria of the role.  It allows you to observe peoples’ behaviour in a virtual company environment and decide on not just skills, but more importantly culture fit.   onsiite can design a suitable programme with you to meet the requirements of the vacancy and the expectations of the hiring manager.

How does it work?

  • people2people HR Solutions has a suite of services we can offer your business. From reviewing resumes to implementing a fully outsourced RPO programme, we can do as a little or as much as your business requires
  • people2people HR Solutions can assist your business by initiating and maintaining a conversation with your prospective employees and continue to track them until a final decision is made.
    • – together with the Hiring Manager, HR and our Account Manager, we evaluate your JD requirements and decide on the recruitment strategy, the core competencies and the timeline of your hiring needs.
    • – Resume reviews; sort out the inappropriate immediately and send notification
    • – phone screening – target the conversation and questions consistently with every applicant, by either following your tailored script. Do you want to listen to the recordings afterwards? We can do that!
    • – Video interviews – allows screening anytime anywhere in Australia. Do you want to review recording? We can to that!
    • – Co-ordinate interviews – playing telephone tag to confirm an interview can result in missing out on star candidates. Let us take that chore away from you and ensure candidates relevant information to make their meeting with you a success.
    • – Organise Psychometric testing: (go to list of examples + insert “ask for quote” button?) tailored to your vacancy and charged at competitive rates
    • – Co-ordinating all pre-employment and background checks, (go to list of examples + insert “ask for quote” button?) including references, depending on your requirements at fixed costs
    • – Provide feedback to all unsuccessful candidates in a positive tone.
    • – Exit interviews/Employee engagement – you may rehire them, but would they come back to you? Can you identify any problem areas of employee engagement before it becomes an issue?
    • – outsourced hr admin – psyche tests, pre-employment checks
    • – Talent Management – how do you keep in touch with high quality candidates that have previously applied?
    • – people2people HR Solutions is one of the only RPO providers to offer this entire service

Benefits to you?

– Your brand is your equity and the recruitment experience rubs off on prospective employees and customers.
– people2people HR Solutions strives to achieve a positive experience every time!
– You receive an up to date, centralised reporting structure essential for your business planning

Employee Engagement

It’s all about engagement.

  • The new job seeker wants to be engaged with prospective employers, get to know them well and be attracted to and then apply for their jobs. Likewise, prospective employers want the means to access the best people for their businesses, quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

Talent Pool Management

Is your talent pool a talent puddle?

  • The concept of a Talent Pool is widely known and used. However, this has now evolved to developing the ‘Talent Community’. The difference?

Cost Reduction

Just some of the ways people2people HR Solutions can help you control your recruitment spending are:

  • Assisting time poor internal HR Managers by alleviating them from administration and hidden costs of dealing with multiple recruitment contacts.
  • Enabling HR to regain control of the recruitment process, costs and results, which allows for improved decision making in both the long and short term.
  • Ensuring recruitment assignment time frames are agreed, met and analysed

– people2people HR Solutions can measure and report to you on: (insert mock report)
– Number of candidates added to and engaged with the talent community
– Source of candidates – internally or externally sourced
– Number of resume screening exercises
– Number of telephone screening exercises
– Timeframe agreed / achieved analysis
– Number of candidates sent application updates
– Number of psychometric assessments organised
– Number of verbal references conducted
– Number of offers made
– Number of offers accepted

Control over how much you spend on recruitment?

  • – Once only considered the domain of large, multinational corporations, onsiite has the ability and the flexibility to provide a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) service for small to medium enterprises (SME’s).
  • – onsiite is one of the only RPO providers to offer this service to this core business group and as such, onsiite has experienced a strong SME demand for our ‘unbundled service’ offering.
  • – In fact, multinationals are also enjoying the flexibility of the ‘fee for service’ unbundled service model, a departure from believing the retainer, upfront prepayment model is the only option.
  • – Why? Because, you and your business are in control of the recruitment spend, aligning it with the cyclical changes of recruitment demand.
  • – You decide how much or how little of the service you require and which services fit neatly within your budget.

Would a fixed retained fee for service upfront suit your business or maybe a pay per unit service model?

Control over how much you spend on recruitment?

  • people2people HR Solutions recognises that the concept of the ‘Talent Pool’ has become a static, one sided means of obtaining a prospective employee’s details. Usually an advertisement is placed and their details are ‘parked’ on a database. Usually the only contact this talent receives is either a request for an interview or advice they have been unsuccessful. Does this sound familiar?
  • people2people HR Solutions knows that even though you may not participate in an ‘online community’, there is a strong chance you know what it is. The job market ‘community’ is now fully embraced in the online world and onsiite has the knowledge and experience to help you navigate and engage with the 21st century job seeker.
  • people2people HR Solutions understands the importance of your brand equity and we aim to positively reinforce this during the recruitment experience with prospective employees who are customers – we strive to achieve a helpful experience every time so that “word of mouth” is favourably optimised!